Curing System

  • Reasons for external heat
    • Accelerate chemical reaction
    • Improve adhesive characteristics
  • Application of heat
    • Controlled temp. – 200-375F -93-190C
    • Confined positioning – to the adhesive area
  • Removal of heat before release of assembly
  • Robust Process

Hot Air Impingement

  • Low pressure air 2-5 psi
  • Distribution through stainless steel pipes
    • Low inertia electric heater
    • Manifold distribution system
    • Flow control balancing valve
    • Air jets directed at bond lines
  • Air jets encapsulated in support fixtures


Advantages of Hot Air Impingement System

  • Air jets give good heat transfer – faster cycle times; direct contact with part not required
  • Heat from one or two sides
  • Dissimilar materials can be bonded
  • Fixtures stay cooler – cut to math data
  • Assemblies can be cooled in the fixture
  • Easier to understand/maintain
  • Little day-to-day variation


Stainless Steel Air Distribution Tubing Embedded in Aluminum